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First two fantastic talks of the new season - landscapes, motor sports and astro-photography!

Our second club night treated members to a fantastic talk by South Wales based photographer Leigh Woolford, whose passion for making images of both landscapes and at motor sports events was clear to see, as he described his trips to a variety of countries and to Grand Prix circuits, Silverstone Classic and hill climbs in his local area, showing us a variety of images and giving us an understanding of the narrative within his shots.

His images of Iceland and Norway were wonderful, depicting beautiful mountains, waterfalls, the fabulous Northern Lights, rugged coastline and beaches, and personally I was awe struck by the beautiful images of huge ice chunks on a deserted Icelandic beach, which looked like diamonds glittering in the wonderful light. Leigh's passion for these spectacular countries was clear to see and he was sure that his interest in making images there would make him return again and again. For those members that love motor sports, I am sure they enjoyed seeing Leigh's images of F1 cars and classic racing cars; in particular he spoke of his enjoyment of visiting Silverstone for the classic car races and hill climbs, which he found to be more accessible and intimate.

A most enjoyable first talk of the season ! Take a look at Leigh's website below for more of his images which also show urban and street photography and use of light and shade and monochrome.

The third club night was the turn of Kieran Metcalf to give us a talk about his landscape photography and passion for shooting in to the sun in particular, capturing the sunburst effect whilst avoiding the flare being seen on the image.

Kieran is based in South Manchester and does a lot of his photography in the beautiful Peak District and his images were spectacular, depicting the fantastic natural landscapes of rocks, craggy outcrops, hills, lakes and waterfalls, purple heather and the brilliant sunsets and sunrises, which make this area so amazing. Kieran's love of light and colour in the skies, with wonderful cloud formations, was clear to see, and to make even more of an effect, the eerie mists on the landscape made his images stand out wonderfully. He also explained how he uses side lighting to make the shadows accentuate the patterns that he sees in the landscapes, which were clearly seen in his images.

Other fantastic images that were shown included striking gnarled trees in misty fairylike woods and his beautiful astro-photography shots of the milky way, meteor showers and noctilucent shimmery cloud formations.

Kieran was articulate and clearly explained what each image meant to him; another interesting night which kept members captivated! Take a look at Kieran's website to see more of his beautiful photography.

More brilliant talks to come !!

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