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Transport Competition - may the best train, bus, boat, car or ..... win!!!!

At out last meeting images entered for the themed competition of transport were judged by Chris Boyes and as usual there were a large number and variety of work, with 78 images for us to enjoy.

First place went to Rod Giddins with a really creative image titled "Images from the Past", which was just fantastic. Very well done Rod !!!

Second place went to Laura Drury with her shot titled "The Grand Reveal", which had beautiful autumnal colours and a fantastic old car being "revealed" from underneath some old tarpaulin. Great shot Laura! Third place went to Rod Giddins (on a roll that night!) with his shot titled "Pilot Boat", which was a brilliantly captured dramatic shot of the pilot boat in rough seas.

Our next club night will be a fun night on 12th April. Enjoy everyone!!

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