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The Art of Wedding Photography

At our last club night we had a talk from Nancy Phillips, a photographer from Lancashire who gave us an entertaining insight in to her wedding photography.

As well as capturing weddings, Nancy also shoots commercial, lifestyle and portrait images and gives workshops, lectures and courses/1:1 training as part of her work. She also loves wildlife photography as more of a hobby and the necessity to be fast and quiet to capture this sort of image helps her with her wedding shoots.

The style of Nancy's wedding images are gritty and unusual in their style and she likes to take "real" shots; not all weddings are in castles or fairytale expensive venues and she has taken many shots in smaller venues and small houses, making the most of what she has available to make wonderful images for the happy couples. She maintains it is "all in the details" and getting to know your subject, ie getting to know the bride and groom. A word she kept using in the talk was "groovy" and it was clear from the images that we were shown that this was true of how she approached getting great wedding shots. Anything can be made to look nice, even silk flowers. She showed us great shots of shoes, wedding rings, veils and wedding/bridesmaids dresses made in unusual and artistic ways. Shadows are important to Nancy and there were fabulous shots with wonderful shadows which made the "subject" of the image zing. She also had made many images shot at different angles, looking down or looking up, which also revealed the artistic nature of her work. A lot of her images were in black and white, which made them atmospheric and as mentioned before "gritty". Her work was really evocative showing the emotion of the day, with the love evident and family and friends (and pets) just as important.

A really enjoyable night mostly due to Nancy's style of delivery and exuberance which was infectious. Take a look at her website to see some of her fantastic work.

Here is a quote from Nancy's website:

We’ve always felt that to do any type of photography it has to come from the soul. We like to really get to know our clients and we always try to put into our images how they met, their first reactions and the moment they knew they were in love. We find it a really beautiful challenge to do this. If you would love a bespoke wedding, if you want creative photography, or if you just like our style, then please, get in touch.

Thank you Nancy for the brilliant talk!!!

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