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Slideshow magic!

At our last club meeting we were treated to some varied slideshows of images made by Les Loosemore, a fantastic photographer from Wales. The slideshows were accompanied by music mostly by Vangelis, which very much enhanced the images presented, relaxing and beautifully choreographed. The first slideshow that Les showed us contained an eclectic mix of triptychs ranging from images of nature to street scenes, people, machinery, abstracts, railways and as far flung as images from New England, Kenya and Sydney. The next slideshow we saw was a collection of images illustrating the technique of intentional camera movement, with wonderful images of sky, clouds, leaves, grasses, trees and water giving a visual "alternative", again choreographed perfectly with the accompanying music. Another slideshow we were treated to was one entitled "Fragility and resilience of nature", which was a set of images which documented the process of decay cycle for leaves, grasses, plants and trees going back into Mother Earth; showing that nature is beautiful at all stages and the continuation of the cycle of life of leaves etc is indeed resilient and fragile.

Les explained that he always thinks about how to make his images before he takes them and stressed that we need to really "see" things, as there are minute details in nature for example that can make wonderful images. He tries to get his images as perfect as possible in camera and does very little post processing. When making his slideshows Les concentrates on construction, tonality and story, making effective use of the fade and transition between each image.

I am sure all the club members really enjoyed seeing Les' slideshows and were perhaps inspired to create their own. We do have club night coming up so it might be a good challenge to come up with our own slideshow to show everyone during a 15 minutes of fame slot!!!

Thank you to Les for a brilliant night!!

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