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Red ! Final themed competition of the season

Our final themed competition saw members entering images which showed the colour Red. As this was quite close to the previous chairman's challenge there were less entries than normal, but still some excellent ones for judge Suzanne Flood to score and choose her top three in each group.

In Group 2 the winner was Mick Dodsworth with his striking image, simply titled "Cogs". Second place went to John Draper with his image "Red Fox (Captive)" and third went to Debbie Ludgate with her image "Royal Opera House Arcade, Covent Garden".


Red Fox (Captive)

Beautiful capture!

Royal Opera House Arcade, Covent Garden

Follow the pillars to the "Red" phone boxes!

In Group 1 the winner was Peter Brewer with his image titled "Red Bicycle", second place went to Laura Drury with her image titled "Vibrancy of Life" and third to Mike Aubry with his image "Amonita Muscara"

Red Bicycle

A simple but lovely image! WELL DONE PETER!

Vibrancy of Life

Lovely complimentary colours in an abstract image!

Amonita Muscara

Great Mushroom shot!

This was the final league competition of the season and a thoroughly great set of images were entered for each! Well done to everyone that was placed in each group and we look forward to the next season and the new round of competitions. Let's have some more fantastic images and a great battle between everyone for overall top spot at the end of the year.

THIS YEAR'S OVERALL WINNER in each group will be revealed soon!

There is still one more competition for the Mick Talbot Trophy - the challenge is to make images with the theme "HEAD AND SHOULDERS". GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!