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Quiet Landscapes - Inspirational, Beautiful!

At our last club meeting, we were treated to a wonderful talk by Margaret Soroya, a landscape photographer based in the Highlands of Scotland. Margaret shared with us many of her spectacular images which were reflective of her affinity with water and her desire for solitude, describing how she relishes in standing alone, being quiet and immersed in a landscape with beauty surrounding her.

"Solitude is the soul's holiday....... surprise and delight ourselves"

Creativity for Margaret comes with being revitalised by seclusion and she travels around in her van staying in the landscape, capturing the best light, day and night. The images of Scotland that she showed us were taken on remote islands, as well as Loch Ness and were stunning, clearly depicting the beauty of the natural landscapes.

Weather was an important part of her image making, with stormy wild days enabling her to produce the most spectacular and beautiful perfect moment in a location; her images of waves for example were stunning and simple but reflected the power of nature. We saw images of "glassy" waves in Tiree. wild, mad and stormy seas on Islay and Orkney.

Her ethos is one of creating an image from your heart and that there is no right and wrong, in fact failure is a path to success.

"Creativity is a force inside all of us"

"Opposite of perfection is freedom"

Margaret spoke of "healing art" explaining the connection between nature, mindful photography and healing. The concept of slowing down and being thoughtful is inspiring and being outdoors taking images of nature was very important to her. The "quiet" and remote places that she visits in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland is what she loves and how she fulfils her need for continuing creativity and mindful healing, but she shares these with other people through her workshops, a necessary way for her to earn a living.

I would urge you to visit Margaret's website to see her images, be inspired and maybe look at booking on to one of her workshops (next year !!)


I am sure that members really enjoyed this talk, which was made even more wonderful by the quiet tone of voice that Margaret used, mirroring her love of being quiet and just "being" in a landscape. I took away a lot from this talk personally and am sure that the four values that she likes to live by would inspire a lot of people.





On a final note, if anyone is interested in signing up for Margaret's "Creative Haven," which is a supportive community, enabling continuous learning and inspiration please go to her website.

Again a fantastic talk and beautiful images for us to see !!

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