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Latest Themed Competition - "Spring"(ing) in to life !!

For our third themed PDI competition the theme was Spring and once again the standard of images submitted was great and an enjoyable evening was had, with Andy Smith providing really encouraging and positive judging, always highlighting the good in all of the images, whilst also giving tips for improving them. Thanks Andy!

In group 2 33 images were submitted and the winner was Debbie Ludgate with her striking image titled "Majorcan Hellebore", with shades of green and a delicate hint of pink which stood out to Andy as a true depiction of Spring. Second place also went to Debbie with 'Spring Daffodils", a lovely shot of three daffodils with a subtle treatment enhancing the image nicely, and third to John Draper with his image titled "Wood pigeon nest building", which was a well captured sharp shot of the bird gathering twigs for their nest.

WELL DONE to Debbie for coming 1st and 2nd !! Also well done to John for taking third place.

Majorcan Hellebore

Spring Daffodils

Wood Pigeon nest building

In group 1 24 images were scrutinised by Andy and the top three were well deserving of their places. Laura Drury took top spot with her image titled "April springing in to life", which was a beautiful rendition of a white flower (Amelanchier lamarckii common name Juneberry, Service Berry or Shadbush) showing the transition from Winter to Spring, Second place went to Peter Brewer with his lovely striking colourful image titled "Tulip" and third went to Ken Butcher with his image "Gold in Hyde Park", which was truly indictive of yellow, gold and contrasting blue of the sky and green of the grass.

Very well done to Laura, Peter and Ken.

April springing in to life


Gold in Hyde Park

Looking forward to more fabulous images for the "Chairman's Challenge" with the theme REFLECTIONS !!!

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