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It's amazing what you can do with your phone camera!

At our last club night we were treated to a great talk by Jet from Jet Black Squares on simply using your smart phone to capture just as great images as you can with a more "fancy" camera. Jet showed her passion and enthusiasm for photography, with the mantra that if you own a smart phone you own a camera and therefore you can create stunning images by still using your creative eye, but not having to spend a lot of money on a DSLR and expensive lenses.

Jet showed us a number of her images and gave us helpful hints on how to get the best shots; the main aim as ever is to get the exposure right! A few tips: touch the screen for what you want to focus on, bring your camera in slowly to focus close up, for movement touch on the subject and then move with it before taking the shot and the most interesting one turn your camera upside down and put it on a stable reflective surface or put it in a puddle (making sure it is waterproof first!), in order to get a great mirror image. Jet also told us about apps that you can use to edit your photos, for example snapseed which has a lot of different editing modes, tools and styles, and hipstamatic which turns your phone camera in to an old fashioned camera "style". There are also amazingly cheap clip on lenses (check out Amazon) that you can use for your phone camera allowing you to do, for example, macro photography.

Check out Jet's website to read more about her work and to see her fantastic images.

I really enjoyed this talk and I am sure that all the members did too and it certainly showed me that the camera on my phone can be just as good as my Nikon camera, so much so that I have been taking it with me when I go out dog walking after work. I also tried out snapseed and found that this was indeed a really great editing app.

Here is a shot that I took on my Samsung J3 mobile phone and which was edited in snapseed using a "cartoon" style -looks quite interesting !! You may or may not agree. But give it a go everyone !!

We thank Jet for giving us a most entertaining and inspirational evening!!

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