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"Book Titles" Our Latest PDI Competition

At our last club meeting we were joined by Susan Clark who judged images that had been sent in for the latest PDI Competition; the subject was "Book Titles" with 66 images entered by members from both of our groups.

Sue gave us a very throrough appraisal of the images and had clearly done a lot of research on the books that the members had chosen to illustrate in their entries. Titles ranged from well know ones such as "Gone with the Wind", "To the Lighthouse", "The Thirty Nine Steps", "The Secret Garden" to perhaps less well known "Blossoms and Pearls", "The Moon's a Balloon" and "The Sparrow." The most stand out title I am sure was "Does my bum look big in this?" which I am sure caused a little giggle amongst some members.

First place was awarded to John Draper with his evocative and beautiful image titled "Someone to Watch Over Me." Very well done John!!

Second place went to Laura Drury with her image "Dancing in the Dark", which was a wonderful photograph of a twirling dancer with atmospheric processing. Third place was given to Dave Berger with his image "The Birds", which was effectively processed to give an eerie feel which really fits in with the creepy nature of this book.

Well done to both !

Dancing in the Dark by Laura Drury

The Birds by Dave Berger

And for your amusement this is the image entered for the title "Does my bum look big in this?"

Great one Laura Walker!!

Our next Competition is a themed one - the challenge to take images to illustrate the colour YELLOW. Enjoy yourselves everyone and get some great shots !!

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