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An evening with the Analogue and Alternative Processes group

At our last club evening members were treated to seeing different images to normal when the Analogue and Alternative Processes group took to the floor headed up by David Silk.

David did a short introduction on the remit of the group and how he has influenced members to rebel against the strictness of totally sharp and conventional images and try new things, which would not be scored highly in competitions but hey ho !! After this a few members each did a little talk about an aspect of analogue or alternative processes work.

Mick told us about his experiments with 'camera obscura' which was absolutely brilliant and he joked about how his wife had put up with him turning one of their spare rooms in to a camera obscura !, You can see his set up below and an example of the image he managed to achieve !! Well done Mick.

Julia talked about image appropriation using magazine images and a lightbox, showing the great images that can be found by placing a page from a magazine on the lightbox and seeing what comes through in terms of a double image. Some really interesting results ! The rest of the club members had a chance to try it out during our break.

Colin showed us some 'found' images taken by his father in the 1950s and Nikki showed us some image appropriation using the TV screen; taking a couple of shots and then overlaying to come up with a different image. It is amazing what happens and how you can get some really good results. She also showed some pinhole images that she had taken using her digital camera but by removing the lens and putting on a lens cap which had a pin hole in it. Mike showed us the Rolleiflex camera he bought from a pawn show shop back in the 60's and still uses today on outings with the Analogue group. He then talked about how you can go about dodging and burning in the darkroom, which was fascinating for those that had never had their own darkroom. Paul then showed us some remarkable results that he got with a £19 wooden pinhole camera bought on Ebay.

FInally, David talked about an ex IOTPS member who sadly passed away recently but had a large number of undeveloped films going back to the 1960s and 1970s that his daughters had allowed him to develop. From some of the films that had been developed there were images of his family but also some of weddings from the 1970s, which were fascinating to see !!

A really different night for the club and well received by our members. One member said it was the best evening that they had been to and it would be great to have another evening like this soon. The analogue group need to carry on and come back again to show some more of what they have done !!

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