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3rd Quarterly Open PDI - Fabulous images as usual with well deserving winners !!

Our 3rd Quarterly Open PDI competition was excellently and enthusiastically judged by Kirsty Ralfs, with the usual variety and high standard of entries from both groups, 75 in total. Members were treated to thorough critiques and given great tips to improve their images by Kirsty, for which we thank her.

In Group 1, first place went to Eddie Bradley with his fabulous and creative image *Turner Contemporary Re-Imagined", which was indeed a very different way of portraying the Art Gallery in Margate and well deserved as the best image in this group. Well done to Eddie for such a great entry!

Second place went to Paul Norris for his wonderful shot *Winter Light", which was a very well captured image with great composition. Third place went to John Sammonds for his image "Just Fishing", which was a very effective minimalist shot with a great feeling of calmness.

Winter Light

Just Fishing

In Group 2 John Draper pulled it out of the bag coming first, second and third with three fabulous images. Well done to John and the rest of the group must now be very motivated to catch up with him !!!!

1st placed image was "A Saltmarsh at Dawn" and as you can see the colours were fabulous with excellent silhouetted birds across the image. Very well done for this shot John!

2nd placed image was "Curlew with a Crab", a bitingly sharp shot with beautiful colours and textures in the bird's body and wings, and a lovely diffused background. Fab!

3rd placed image was "A Woodland in Autumn", which was a lovely straight-forward shot of woodland with lovely colours and tones.

An enjoyable evening as usual for all members !! We await the next competition, which will be a set subject one with the aim to take shots to encapsulate a "book title." Good Luck everyone !!

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