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2nd Themed PDI Competition - YELLOW !

Our second themed PDI competition was with the theme of yellow, with a bumper crop of images entered, as usual varied and interesting, with some more abstract as well as straight images. Expertly judged by Zoe Garnham-Archer, who gave great critique for each of them, the evening was enjoyable as ever and the images that were chosen as first, second and third in each group certainly were well deserving of being placed.

In group 2 first place went to John Draper with his lovely and brilliantly captured image titled "Up and Away". Fantastic water splash and just a hint of the birds wings in flight and the lovely yellow golden colour was beautiful! VERY well done John !!!

Second place went to Lorina Dean with her fantastic shot title "Eagle Yellow Beak", which was an exquisite portrait of an eagle with the brilliance of the yellow beak fitting the competition theme perfectly. Third place

went to Mick Dodsworth with his brilliant shot titled "Stern Look", which showed a great reflection and wonderful yellow of the boat stern.

Well done both!

In group 1, 1st place went to Eddie Bradley with an image that I personally really loved titled "Ethereal Forest". Such a wonderful feeling eminates from this beautiful image, truely ethereal with the lovely colour tones and the golden glow in the middle.

Fantastic shot - VERY well done Eddie!

2nd place went to Dave Berger with his great and gritty image titled "Weathered" and third place went to Laura Drury with her pretty and subtle image titled "Buttercups"

Well done both!

Another fantastic competition showing how varied and great the images are that are produced by our club. Next competition is the last OPEN PDI - let's see who wins this one in each group !!!

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