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2nd Quarterly Print Competition - High praise indeed from the Judge!

Our 2nd quarterly Print Competition was judged by Tony Bentley from Invicta Club and we were very pleased to hear that, out of all the clubs that he had judged at over the last 18 months, our images were by far the strongest and best in terms of quality of mounting and quality of image across both groups. He gave us a great critique and admitted that he could not really find a lot to say that was negative for the vast majority of the images that had been entered. So our chair Laura was rather chuffed as were the rest of us !! Gold stars to everyone that had entered this competition !!

In group 2 the winner was Paul Ralf with his beautiful image of a Kestrel. Stunning !! Well done Paul

2nd place went to Paul Ralf with this image of a Wheatear!! Well done again!!

3rd place went to Andy Shaw with this really brilliant and cleverly done image entitled "The Odd Couple"

Highly Commended was awarded to Paul Ralf with his image of a Turnstone - certainly was on a roll that night and showed his incredible skill for taking bird images!!

Mike Aubry was commended for his image titled "Three's a crowd" - loved the composition on this one.

In group 1 Laura Drury was awarded 1st place with her striking image titled "It's tough being beautiful"

Loved this. Well done Laura!

2nd place was awarded to John Draper with his image of two robins - lovely image.

Paul Norris was awarded third place with this image titled "Sulphur Tufts" - fantastic colours and great sharpness.

Highly commended was awarded to John Draper for this image "Great Crested Grebe" - love the reflection!

Commended was awarded to Terry Scales with this image "Pathway to Corfe Castle" - love the treatment on this image.

Once again the club members showed their talent and skills and an enjoyable evening was had by all!!

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