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3rd Quartery Print Competition

Our latest print competiton was expertly judged by Malcolm Hardie and as usual a variety of images were presented in both the Intermediate and Advanced groups. With a wide range of scores allocated to the prints in the Intermediate Group, the eventual winner was Andy Kettle with his stunny image entitled "Night - Time Carnival", with second place going to yours truely Nikki Clamp with an intriguing image entitled "The Door to the Dark City" (I call it intriguing because it caused the Judge to question exactly what he was seeing !) and third to Steve Lee with his interesting pattern image entitled "Tiny Courtyard Prague". With less of a range of marks given to the Advanced Group the winner was Dave Berger with his interestingly processed image called "Sailing down the Broads", second place went to Dave Silk with his image of "Hoi An Riverside" and third place also went to Dave Silk with his image of a motor bike in motion entitled "From a Bus Window". Well done to Andy and Dave for their first places!

Night-Time Carnival

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