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"Frozen Bench" and "Shag's Head" worthy winning images in the 2nd Quarterly

Sue Chapman APRS CPAGB judged our 2nd quarterly PDI competition and as usual saw a wide variety of images in both groups. In the intermediate group the winning image was by Steve Lee, entitled "Frozen Bench", a simple but well executed and highly pictorial shot of a section of a bench showing a pattern of ice droplets. Well done to Steve for spotting such a wonderful image. In the advanced group the winner was Peter Brewer with his stunning shot of a "Shag's Head", wonderfully sharp and with beautiful tones and colouration and a lovely soft background. Well done an image to be proud of! 2nd and 3rd place in the intermediate group went to Lorina Dean and Steve Lee and in the advanced group to Dave Berger and Laura Drury.


2nd place intermediate 3rd place intermediate

2nd place advanced 3rd place intermediate

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