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Inclusive, Educational, Passionate

We are a friendly and inclusive

club.  If you are new to photography or more experienced you will be warmly welcomed. You can meet other photographers, get tips and feedback on  your photography, learn different techniques, improve your editing skills and enjoy the many interesting talks  and practical demonstrations we have through the season. All of us love our photography and the club aims to further the interests of all our members.  We really encourage mutual assistance and suggestions for something new are welcomed! We hope to have our new programme available soon. Our aim is to inspire all of our current members and encourage others to join us!

We are always looking for new members so if you enjoy photography and would like to find out more about our society before applying for membership, fill in the form below, so that we can get back to you. You can apply for membership by going to the "Apply to be a Member" area.

Click here to see our BLOG posts for an idea of what you could be enjoying. 

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