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This is where you will find 2022 - 2023 season Competition Results

PDI 1 

Group 1 placings:

1st Place - Dave Silk (Southbank)

2nd Place - John Draper (Here comes lunch)

3rd Place - James Foad (Redshank Tringa totanus)

Highly commended - Paul Norris (Canal side)

Group 2 placings:

1st Place -Rod Giddins (21st Century India)

2nd Place - Lorina Dean (Fuschia Loxensis)

3rd Place - Andy Kettle (Take Off)

Highly commended - John Myers (St Peter's delinquents)


Group 1 placings:

1st Place - Laura Drury (Painted princess)

2nd Place - Clare Pickett (Still life)

3rd Place - Ken Butcher (Grandeur of a bygone age)

Highly commended - Paul Norris (Walking on the edge)

Commended -   Laura Drury (Looking for the light) 

Group 2 placings:

1st Place - Andy Kettle (Loch Lugainn and Stac Pollaidh 

2nd Place - Toni Ellerington (Looking up at the Leas)

3rd Place - Lorina Dean (Orchid)

Highly commended - Toni Ellerington (The scalpel and Lloyds)
Commended - Lorina Dean (Relaxing)



1st Place - Terry Scales (The old pier Swanage) 

2nd Place - Maria Gilbert (A picture paints a thousand words 

3rd Place - Laura Drury (Catching the wind)

Highly commended - Colin Miller (Just surfing)

Commended -   Laura Drury (The last surfer)

PDI 2 

Group 1 placings:

1st Place - Terry Scales (Break in the clouds at Bexhill Pavillion

2nd Place - Clare Pickett (What a pair!)

3rd Place - Terry Scales (Windswept)

Highly commended - James Foad (Chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs)feeding

Commended -   Clare Pickett (Memories are timeless)

Group 2 placings:

1st Place - Toni Ellerington (Let there be light)  

2nd Place - Maria Gilbert (Monarch of the meadow)

3rd Place - Colin Miller (The demonstration)
Highly commended - Lorina Dean (On reflection)


Group 1 placings:

1st Place - James Foad (Chalkhill Blue Polyommatus coridon with pollen)
2nd Place - Terry Scales (Rialto Bridge from the Grand Canal)    
3rd Place - James Foad (Wood Ant Formica rufa)    
Highly Commended - David Berger (Ramble to Reculver)    
Commended - John Draper (Eyes on the prize)    

Group 2 placings:

1st Place - Lorina Dean (Adult house sparrow)    
2nd Place - Toni Ellerington (Early morning on Deal pier)    
3rd Place - Maria Gilbert (Happy feet)    
Highly Commended - Maria Gilbert (Going going)    
Commended - Toni Ellerington (The abandoned Winter Gardens)    
Commended - Toni Ellerington (Copper hued brutalism)    


Group 1 placings:

1st Place - Paul Norris (Woodland waterfall)

2nd Place - Clare Pickett (New kids on the block)

3rd Place - David Silk (Visiting the cathedral)

Highly commended - Paul Norris (Under the arches)

Commended -   Clare Pickett (Creative thinking)

Group 2 placings:

1st Place - Rod Giddins (Steam Express)

2nd Place -  to stay as is but noted in results club member incorrectly entered in group 2 not group 1 competition - Mike Aubry (Marbled White Butterfly)

3rd Place - Lorina Dean (Blue Cornflower)
Highly commended - Toni Ellerington (Cromer Pier

Commended - Mick Dodsworth (Korea's finiest flyboys)



1st Place - Clare Pickett (Liquorice Face)

2nd Place - Maria Gilbert (The world is my oyster) 

3rd Place - Terry Scales (Harvest Festival rainbow colours)

Highly commended - Clare Pickett (Hot cup of tea)

Commended -   Clare Pickett (Got my eye on a Snowball)


Group 1 placings:

1st Place - Paul Norris (The old lighthouse)
2nd Place - Clare Pickett (Villeabois-Lavelette) 
3rd Place - John Draper (St Peter's Churchyard)
Highly Commended - Terry Scales (St Cuthbert's Church window) 
Commended - Terry Scales (Santa Maria Della Salute)

Group 2 placings:

1st Place - Maria Gilbert (Watching)
2nd Place - Toni Ellerington (Welcome to Dreamland)
3rd Place - Toni Ellerington (Curves of Regent's Canal) 
Highly Commended - Lorina Dean (Skomer Island - Puffin) 
Commended - Toni Ellerington (Standing all alone)    


Group 1 placings:

1st Place - Laura Drury (Red hat & Earrings)

2nd Place - Terry Scales (Pathway through the trees (Pegwell Nature Reserve)

3rd Place - Terry Scales (Ancient Oaks in Wistman's Wood Dartmoor)

Highly commended - John Draper (Squabbling Swans)

Commended -   Laura Drury (A misty Winter morning) 

Group 2 placings:

1st Place - Andy Kettle (Winter hike Ardvek) 

2nd Place -  Maria Gilbert (Mystic moment)

3rd Place - Douglas Samme (Barn Owl)
Highly commended - Toni Ellerington (Old reflected in the new)

Commended - Colin Miller (Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon) 


Group 1 placings:

1st Place - Terry Scales (Lakeland view Digital Daguerreotype)
2nd Place - Clare Pickett (A rainy day out with teddy) 
3rd Place - Paul Norris (The Malham Tree)  
Highly Commended - David Berger (Battersea Power Station interior)
Commended - Laura Drury (Left turn)

Group 2 placings:

1st Place - Maria Gilbert (Off on a shout)
2nd Place - Andy Kettle (Bench with a view in better weather)  
3rd Place - Rod Giddins (Mistry Cromarty)


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