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This is where you will find 2022 - 2023 season Competition Results

PDI 1 

Group 1 placings:

1st Place - Dave Silk (Southbank)

2nd Place - John Draper (Here comes lunch)

3rd Place - James Foad (Redshank Tringa totanus)

Highly commended - Paul Norris (Canal side)

Group 2 placings:

1st Place -Rod Giddins (21st Century India)

2nd Place - Lorina Dean (Fuschia Loxensis)

3rd Place - Andy Kettle (Take Off)

Highly commended - John Myers (St Peter's delinquents)


Group 1 placings:

1st Place - Laura Drury (Painted princess)

2nd Place - Clare Pickett (Still life)

3rd Place - Ken Butcher (Grandeur of a bygone age)

Highly commended - Paul Norris (Walking on the edge)

Commended -   Laura Drury (Looking for the light) 

Group 2 placings:

1st Place - Andy Kettle (Loch Lugainn and Stac Pollaidh 

2nd Place - Toni Ellerington (Looking up at the Leas)

3rd Place - Lorina Dean (Orchid)

Highly commended - Toni Ellerington (The scalpel and Lloyds)
Commended - Lorina Dean (Relaxing)



1st Place - Terry Scales (The old pier Swanage) 

2nd Place - Maria Gilbert (A picture paints a thousand words 

3rd Place - Laura Drury (Catching the wind)

Highly commended - Colin Miller (Just surfing)

Commended -   Laura Drury (The last surfer)

PDI 2 

Group 1 placings:

1st Place - Terry Scales (Break in the clouds at Bexhill Pavillion

2nd Place - Clare Pickett (What a pair!)

3rd Place - Terry Scales (Windswept)

Highly commended - James Foad (Chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs)feeding

Commended -   Clare Pickett (Memories are timeless)

Group 2 placings:

1st Place - Toni Ellerington (Let there be light)  

2nd Place - Maria Gilbert (Monarch of the meadow)

3rd Place - Colin Miller (The demonstration)
Highly commended - Lorina Dean (On reflection)


Group 1 placings:

1st Place - James Foad (Chalkhill Blue Polyommatus coridon with pollen)
2nd Place - Terry Scales (Rialto Bridge from the Grand Canal)    
3rd Place - James Foad (Wood Ant Formica rufa)    
Highly Commended - David Berger (Ramble to Reculver)    
Commended - John Draper (Eyes on the prize)    

Group 2 placings:

1st Place - Lorina Dean (Adult house sparrow)    
2nd Place - Toni Ellerington (Early morning on Deal pier)    
3rd Place - Maria Gilbert (Happy feet)    
Highly Commended - Maria Gilbert (Going going)    
Commended - Toni Ellerington (The abandoned Winter Gardens)    
Commended - Toni Ellerington (Copper hued brutalism)    


Group 1 placings:

1st Place - Paul Norris (Woodland waterfall)

2nd Place - Clare Pickett (New kids on the block)

3rd Place - David Silk (Visiting the cathedral)

Highly commended - Paul Norris (Under the arches)

Commended -   Clare Pickett (Creative thinking)

Group 2 placings:

1st Place - Rod Giddins (Steam Express)

2nd Place -  to stay as is but noted in results club member incorrectly entered in group 2 not group 1 competition - Mike Aubry (Marbled White Butterfly)

3rd Place - Lorina Dean (Blue Cornflower)
Highly commended - Toni Ellerington (Cromer Pier

Commended - Mick Dodsworth (Korea's finiest flyboys)



1st Place - Clare Pickett (Liquorice Face)

2nd Place - Maria Gilbert (The world is my oyster) 

3rd Place - Terry Scales (Harvest Festival rainbow colours)

Highly commended - Clare Pickett (Hot cup of tea)

Commended -   Clare Pickett (Got my eye on a Snowball)


Group 1 placings:

1st Place - Paul Norris (The old lighthouse)
2nd Place - Clare Pickett (Villeabois-Lavelette) 
3rd Place - John Draper (St Peter's Churchyard)
Highly Commended - Terry Scales (St Cuthbert's Church window) 
Commended - Terry Scales (Santa Maria Della Salute)

Group 2 placings:

1st Place - Maria Gilbert (Watching)
2nd Place - Toni Ellerington (Welcome to Dreamland)
3rd Place - Toni Ellerington (Curves of Regent's Canal) 
Highly Commended - Lorina Dean (Skomer Island - Puffin) 
Commended - Toni Ellerington (Standing all alone)    


Group 1 placings:

1st Place - Laura Drury (Red hat & Earrings)

2nd Place - Terry Scales (Pathway through the trees (Pegwell Nature Reserve)

3rd Place - Terry Scales (Ancient Oaks in Wistman's Wood Dartmoor)

Highly commended - John Draper (Squabbling Swans)

Commended -   Laura Drury (A misty Winter morning) 

Group 2 placings:

1st Place - Andy Kettle (Winter hike Ardvek) 

2nd Place -  Maria Gilbert (Mystic moment)

3rd Place - Douglas Samme (Barn Owl)
Highly commended - Toni Ellerington (Old reflected in the new)

Commended - Colin Miller (Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon) 


Group 1 placings:

1st Place - Terry Scales (Lakeland view Digital Daguerreotype)
2nd Place - Clare Pickett (A rainy day out with teddy) 
3rd Place - Paul Norris (The Malham Tree)  
Highly Commended - David Berger (Battersea Power Station interior)
Commended - Laura Drury (Left turn)

Group 2 placings:

1st Place - Maria Gilbert (Off on a shout)
2nd Place - Andy Kettle (Bench with a view in better weather)  
3rd Place - Rod Giddins (Mistry Cromarty)


Mick Talbot Trophy Competition 2023
Subject: Abstract


1st Place Laura Drury (The Canal House, Birmingham)

2nd Place Clare Pickett (Through the window)

Highly Commended Laura Drury (Chair in the window)

Commended Maria Gilbert (Just Framed)

And that's the end of our 2022/2023 season.

Fabulous images.

Looking forward to next season.

Enjoy your summer recess.

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